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Photography has always been an important part of a website but with the bandwidth available for websites these days it is no longer something that has to suffer in quality for the sake of fast website loading speeds. Having said that, it should never hinder the performance of a website to the point of turning visitors away. It really does depend on what you are promoting on your website which determines how much you can get away with. For instance if you are selling framed prints of famous artwork, visitors will expect a large visual of the artwork at the final viewing stage of the website experience. Therefore you can have thumbnails leading up to a large resolution image and visitors will most likely stay around for that to load. Whereas if you have a website selling colored post it notes, people most likely won’t wait around for a high resolution image of a post it note. That doesn’t mean that final experience photo of the post it note doesn’t need to be a good photo, take a look at the 3 photos below.

The first image has little or no thought about the positioning of the product, shooting angle, lighting and no post production. The second image has some thought about placement, shooting angle and a little color enhancement. The third image has more thought about the placement of the product, lighting and shooting angle. As well as more post production (albeit quick for the purpose of this example) to help bring the product out and make it shine.

This is just a very quick example of how important photography can be on your website, Facebook, Instagram or any of the hundreds of outlets for you to display your products.

Below are some more examples of my photography work.

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