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Creating a new, or upgrading your existing website does not need to be a daunting task. It should also be something that you are involved in and not just a spectator to your website developer because “they know best”. I need you to be part of the process as you know your business far more intimately than I do. It’s my job to get your vision and message online so you can achieve the results you want from your website.

Do I even need a website?

Good question and the answer sometimes is no, you don’t. But the bottom line is that you should have some sort of presence on the internet, whether that be a business website, Google Plus page, Facebook page or any of the hundreds of other options out there. They all have their pros and cons and I can help you decipher the code and work out your best solution.

What is a Content Management System?

Bradelaide WordPress content management systemGoing back a little while, you used to have to pay to have your website built then also pay a website developer every time you wanted something changed or added. A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to maintain some of the website content and make changes when you wish. Content Management Systems used to be cumbersome and not really that easy to use, but these days they are as simple. If you can write and email or make a Word document, you can manage your own content.

Responsive Web Design

Why does my current site look so bad on my smartphone and tablet?

Now this is the current challenge web developers face and there really are two schools of thought. The first option is to have a separate website where you can direct people who are using a mobile phone to view your site and it will look and feel good to them, giving them an experience they will stick around for, or even come back to. Two major problems with this is that you have to maintain two different sites and secondly the mobile device market is changing so fast that it would be almost impossible to make that second site a ‘one design fits all’ solution.

The second option and the way I choose (and most other developers) is to use ‘Responsive Web Design‘ techniques, which doesn’t really look at what device you are viewing the site on, but how big the screen is. So you only have to maintain one website for all viewers and it is relatively easy to update for future devices. It also allows the setting of multiple ‘break points‘ so that you can customise the experience for devices much easier. Am I getting too technical, call me and I’ll go through it with you.

Sprint Graphics Adelaide Responsive Website DesignA good website development solution is not about getting your site to look the same on all devices, this would actually be detrimental in most cases. Think about how you use your phone to browse the web and how different that is to when you are on your tablet or PC or whatever other device you use. When developing your site for multiple devices we need to put ourselves in your visitor’s shoes and give them the experience they are looking for, relevant to your product or service and their device.

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