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Your website is an experience with your brand and more often than not, the first impression a prospective client or customer has of your business, product or service.
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I offer freelance work and understand the importance of confidentiality in this very competitive industry. I am more than happy to work under an agreement to protect your client base and brand.

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Responsive Web Design

Basically means “I want my website to look great, whether I’m on a PC, Smart Phone, Tablet or any other future device”.

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Website Photography

Website images need to be small in file size but they still need to be great photos which are large in impact.

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Content Management System

WordPress has developed from a blogging platform into an extremely powerful Content Management System (CMS) and is my recommendation when choosing a CMS.

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If you need photography for your website, whether that be products, people or places I can take care of that for you. On location or in studio I will get the images you need to enhance your website. You will own all copyrights to the images and have them all in hi-res for you to use in any way you wish further down the track.

examples of photography

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Other Photographic Services

  • Re-Touching
  • Recomposition
  • Image reduction (eg, social media and email uses)

We all know Facebook and Twitter and Google+ is the next thing that everyone will know about soon enough, if you don’t already. There is no real trick or mystery to them, they are just web pages. The advantage they do have is that without a lot of effort your marketing gets done for you, by your friends or associates.

For many, many years now it has been thought and no doubt proven that the best form of marketing is word of mouth by people who have had a good experience with your brand to people who trust their opinion. These social media outlets simply tap into an already established network of trust, your friends. Depending on your business, product or service it may be that you can get away with just having a social network page.

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I prefer to use the term Search Engine Friendly (SEF) rather than Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The reason is that I think SEO conjures thoughts of being able to get top rankings anywhere, all the time. Whereas when I create a SEF website or pages on a website, the idea is that it will stand up against the ever changing world of the Google technicians and complex algorithms they produce. Be wary of the promises of number one page positioning guarantees. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but not everyone can be number one and without knowing your marketplace I think that would be a hard thing to promise.

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Do you need someone to send out your e-communication because you just don’t have the time? Do you get frustrated with the current HTML template system you are using? I can either take care of all that for you or work with you to teach you how to get the most out of Mail Chimp.

What is Mail Chimp?
In my opinion Mail Chimp is a great affordable way to send out bulk emails or electronic newsletters. You can have multiple subscriber lists which people can subscribe to directly from your site, or you can import people into a list from another source. You have access to amazing reporting tools and the ability to send many various campaigns to your lists.

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